About the CEF Foundation

The CEF Foundation is named for Christian Earl Frechette. He passed away in July 2007, due to drowning. Massachusetts law stated that considered Life Jackets toys. Christian was only 4 years old, attending his first day of camp. Within 2 hours, our son was gone. As stated in our mission below, this can?t keep happening to our children. He was an amazing son, and through his passing, we have dedicated our lives to Drowning Prevention, Education, Policy Making, and Design.

The Foundation will work to develop partnerships throughout the United States to prevent drowning. This includes Swim Schools, Teaching foundations, Life Jacket Manufacturers, and lawmakers to ensure the number of drowning deaths decrease as our partnerships increase. Drowning is preventable.

We are trying to form solid relationships with life jacket manufacturers in order to secure low cost but effective life jackets to those that cannot afford a life jacket.

Saving a child from drowning should never have to be a financial question